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Wood the beauty & life of a building. The power of wood is quality timber. Best buy for your wood requirements specially handpicked of graded timber which speaks of Quality.

A revolutionary solution for quality timber from reputed firm S L V Excellence for over 9 decades in the field of the timber trade, co-operation from forests & plantation Dealers in all kinds of Indian and Imported timber suitable for usage in interiors, building work, and art crafts.

Timber is processed at our Saw Mill as per Customers requirement and specifications by enhanced manufacturing process through innovative modern machinery bringing about technology upgradation in minimising wastage with precision in size and accuracy in finish thus creating a benchmark for the needs in timber. Infrastructures like a large wood yard, with impressive stock, skilled workforce and sophisticated machinery are added advantage to customers for all their requirements under one roof saving time and search for perfection in jobs. The policy of quality and quantity has won paramount fame and reputation to us from customers who build homes, contractors, segment builders, and architects.

The trusted name in timber and for the best deal only S L V Saw Mills and Wood Industries.

Rose Wood
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