Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is also called as composite wood, manmade wood or manufactured wood. These products are manufactured by binding strands, particles, fibre’s or veneers of wood together with a strong adhesive. These include plywood, hardboard, particle board, veneer sheet, oriented strand boards, Glulam, etc. These products are manufactured to make wood more easily to use for commercial purposes; be it construction, home appliances or even industrial purposes.


  • Urea-formaldehyde resins (UF): most common, cheapest, and not waterproof.
  • Phenol-formaldehyde resins (PF): yellow/brown, and commonly used for exterior exposure products.
  • Melamine-formaldehyde resin (MF): white, heat and water resistant, and often used in exposed surfaces in more costly designs.
  • Methylene diphenyldiisocyanate (MDI) or polyurethane (PU) resins: expensive, generally waterproof, and does not contain formaldehyde.

Below are some common engineered products:


Plywood is made up from a number of thin sheets of wood, otherwise called as piles or veneers which are glued together under heat and pressure. The top and bottom sheet have the grain facing the same way. Each sheet of wood has the grain going lengthways on one layer and crossways on the next. This is what gives plywood its strength.It is also called engineered wood. It can be made from both hardwood and softwood.

  • CHARECTERISTICS: Plywood resists to cracking, bending, wrapping and shrinkage, depending upon the thickness. Extremely strong and also resistant to insects.
  • USAGE:flooring, wall panelling, furniture, cabinets, form work, etc.


  • INTERIOR: Plywood is available from hardwood or softwood and used for interior purposes. It is used for furniture, doors, cabinets, cupboards, etc. The plywood is available in different faces and colour depending on the need. Interior plywood is available in all grades.

  • EXTERIOR: This plywood is available in highest grade. They are more moisture resistant than other plywood’s. They are available in all grades and colour depending on the need. They are used for exterior doors, construction, ceilings, etc.

  • MARINE: They are made from hardwood veneers. This type of plywood is completely moisture resistant. The best glues are used while manufacturing such plywood and final plywood is has the finest quality as well. This kind of plywood can withstand excess load and vibrations. It is ideal for high quality projects. They are used mainly for marine purposes i.e. construction of ships, boats, etc. It is also used for furniture, hoardings and other exterior purposes where is it required to resist the changing weather. This wood is resistant to termites and borer.

  • STRUCTURAL: This type of plywood has maximum strength and stability. This plywood’s appearance is the least concern. The best glues are used to make this plywood to give it maximum strength. They are used for numerous purposes like furniture, construction, etc. where the appearance has less importance and strength is required. They are resistant to impacts and heavy blows.


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