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The best quality of wood can be found all around the world. At SLV Timber, we want to be the partner of choice when it comes to procuring the best in class wood, and that is the reason we have expanded to be one of the key procurers of wood from different countries like Africa, Burma, and India, that are well known for their high-quality wood. All of our species after procurement undergoes a strict quality assurance check that makes sure that the wood in our collection meets international quality standards.

Our mission not only include in turning SLV Timber into a global icon in the timber and wood business but also to make sure that the quality and tradition that we have upheld so long from 1908 does not get disturbed in the process of expansion.

SLV Timber began as a small-scale timber industry back in 1908 and since its inception, the company has grown a lot in order to become one of the prominent manufacturer and supplier of not only timber but also other exquisite wooden furniture throughout India.

Our aim is to be the best player in the timber business in a global level by offering the best in the class material to our customers and at the same time expanding our current business network.

Quality is a key factor of success in any business and we too take quality seriously. We want each of our products to carry a unique sense of satisfaction with it that customers can only find with SLV Timber products.

At SLV Timber, we believe in customer satisfaction more than anything and that is the reason we utilize our best resources in providing our customers with the best wood and timber that they can afford.

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